Get Off The Damn Plane! An Alternative Look At The United Airways Incident

Over the past 24 hours, along with news of escalating global conflict,  a news story about a man dragged off a United Airlines flight went viral. Oh, wait, he was Chinese, so let’s make it about racism too.

I say, get off the damn plane…

Fortunately, this incident didn’t involve the brutal murder of 58 men, women and children, including babies,  who were left gasping for breath as deadly chemicals entered their bodies.

No. This story is about a man who got a sore nose after refusing to leave a United Airlines flight that was overbooked. This is serious stuff.

He was even offered $800 to get off, asked repeatedly by staff, then warned he would be removed if he didn’t comply. What do people in fantasy world expect to happen in this circumstance? Someone has to get off, its simple logistics.

Maybe they should have pushed everyone onboard like some Indian passenger train, or duct-taped some chairs on the wings for extra space? Fortunately for modern society, planes don’t work like that.

Apparently, the style of boarding that passengers would prefer.

Some story.

However, it has been received so shocking that the share price for United Airlines dropped $600 million overnight.

Unfortunately, this is the power of smartphones and the social media. A relatively minor incident can take over the airwaves, because, lets face it, if it’s trending, its profitable.

Overnight, North Korea warned they would nuke the U.S if provoked.

Perspective, people.


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